Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Movie Ads in Comic Books

I was recently going through a stack of comics in my closet, and remembered all the colour movie ads that used to be on the back pages.

I love this ad for the animated Batman movie. I wish Warner Bros. would have made a few more of these for the big screen.

This was a 4-issue series to promote the Andrew Dice Clay movie The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.

This ad appeared in the DC horror/experimental anthology series The Wasteland. This was a good comic, which unfortunately was cancelled after only 18 or so issues.

From the Vertigo one-shot The Eaters.

Shade the Changing Man carried numerous movie ads over the run of the series.

This was an elaborate fold out advert for Predator 2.

Not a movie ad, but for really awkward looking Karate Kid dolls.

From the Vertigo mini-series Millennium Fever.

And these were all advertised in the wonderful Sandman series.

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